Posted: Sep 03, 2019 8:41 pm
by Seabass
Spearthrower wrote:

Mississippi wedding venue refuses interracial pair over owner's Christian faith

A US interracial couple was turned away by a wedding venue because the owner said their union went against her Christian beliefs, video shows.

The footage was filmed at Boone's Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Mississippi, by the groom's sister who met the woman about the rejection.

During the exchange the owner says the decision was because we "don't do gay weddings or mixed race".

There it is!

On this forum, we predicted this years back when this supposed 'religious liberty' bullshit started up... back when Seth, with his ironically named 'tolerism', was arguing that of course people could deny service to homosexuals on religious grounds, and no one would possibly use it as it was routinely used historically for racist fucknuttery. From bakeries to weddings in just a few years. This is what politicized religious fundamentalism looks like... it's theocracy.

Oh she's apologized, she didn't know, she was taught. But it's that creep. Next year someone else will do it, but this time they won't apologize, it will be an article of faith based on their exegesis, it will be in the courts. Will those courts be sufficiently robust after Trump's pandering to the religious right to withstand this regression?

This is a space that needs to be watched hard.

Tolerism! I remember tolerism! Image

Good ol' Seth. I wonder how many guns he's up to these days... :think: