Posted: Oct 09, 2019 8:41 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
When I asked someone to defend their claim that the Nazis were left-wing extremists:
First of all it's up to those that claim the Nazis were left wing to provide evidence

Actually it's is you people who claim they are right wing. So burden of proof is on you. You made that claim originally without providing any evidence.

You just proved that you don't even know their domestic policies. All you know about them is the genocide. 1.

Fascism, the idea that there should be one strong leader is antithetical to left wing politics which is more about the community.

Actually false. Facism isn't about strong leader. It's like saying that Communists are right wing because Stalin was considered as "one strong leader". 2.
You don't even know the history of fascism and it's word?
Fascism originated from millitary symbol of bundle of sticks. It symbolizes how one stick can easy to break but bundle of them is hard. 3.
It's literally about collectivism. That group of people should unite together and sacrifice the individual in name of the "common good". Sounds familiar? 4.
In facism it showed as unite as a country. While in socialism and communism it's about uniting as working class.
The logic and reasoning behind their political ideologies is the same. 5.

Fascism is literally left wing. All of it's supporters and creators had history of being part of left wing.6.


1.I was asked to name one Nazi policy that was not left-wing, that was not genocide, I chose instead to explain that fascism is inherently antithetical to left-wing politics, never mentioning genocide or calling my rebuttal a domestic policy.
2.I never mentioned right-wing in my original post, nor did I claim that the Nazis were right-wing because the were fascist. I simply stated they aren't left-wing because fascism doesn't gel with left-wing politics.
3. This is a modern guess at how the Etruscans developed the symbol, which is wholly irrelevant as Mussolini chose it due its symbolism in the Roman Empire as the sign of a powerful magistrate.
4. Fascism isn't socialism, it's about everyone sacrificing their work and life for the state and it's leader.
5. As per point 4 above, fascism is not based on the same reasoning, more-over socialism and communism aren't based on the same identical reasoning either.
6. And both Hitler and Mussolini then denounced socialism and communism and immediately banned left-wing parties and labour organisations when they got into power.....