Posted: Nov 19, 2019 12:49 am
by Spearthrower
ORZIL wrote:
laklak wrote:We get the lunacy here, too, but the chicanery and flim-flam are far more obvious. Pastors spray insecticide into their parishioner's faces. One made them all strip naked and spanked them while they twirled their underwear over their heads. A guy in South Africa just dug an old lady out of a grave after three days and resurected the hell out of her. I think that was in response to another guy a few weeks earlier who raised a dead man from his coffin at the funeral. This shit is on the front pages of the newspapers. The big pastors all drive big cars and flaunt their money. The American televangelist Ernest Angley used to run big revivals here where he'd sell prayer cloths and coffee mugs that would "cure AIDS". It's fucking obscene. They're shameless con men who should be in jail.

what is the relation of money to religion? :think: