Posted: Mar 05, 2010 9:25 pm
by jim
Its a very weak argument at best.

ray wrote:

Yes, of course. God is not completely hidden. That would be very unfair. Anyone can see Him if they really loved to.

Its like a tall building, and I am standing on the top roof. I can only describe the stars to you. You chose to remain in the basement cellor. You simply need to get to the top floor to see the sky for yourself. How you get up there is entirely up to you.

Unfortunately the reverse of this can be said to be just as valid.

The believers are the ones in the basement, refusing to go up to the roof to see the whole world, they stay in the dark clutching a book that promises all the answers.

While I am an atheist and I would welcome a compelling and well thought out argument, this isn't one of them.