Posted: Jun 16, 2010 2:40 pm
by katja z
Well done Will S! :clap:

I do have two minor suggestions (for now :tongue: ):

Of course, some of the results of using 'applied common sense' may seem to violate other conclusions which we've reached using common sense – but that is a different issue.

This could be confusing to some. I know you can't deal with this in any depth here, but I think a simple clarification would be useful - something on the lines of "when you look at the steps that lead to such a confusing result, every one of them makes perfect (common) sense, it's only that the issue is too complicated for our us to digest it well in one big chunk".

2) When you refer to Christian apologists, it might be a good idea to label them more precisely (it could well be that tactics are different in different denominations - this wouldn't surprise me since the theology varies quite a lot in some respects :ask:).