Posted: Jun 16, 2010 2:52 pm
by I.C.37
You're right about how lots of people view science, as it requiring complicated methodology and equipment. One of my favorite points to make is that everyone does science: when buying tomatoes!

You gather data about the tomato: its color, shape, if it has visible defects, its place of provenience, etc. Then you run experiments on it! You pick it up, you squeeze it "just so", to check if its squishy, maybe even shake it a bit, to see if its contents make noise. Then, based on all the data obtained either through direct observation or experimentation, and your past experience with tomatoes, you draw a scientific conclusion about the tomato! Common sense, really, just as you put it.

Or you could simply pick any tomato whatsoever, tell yourself it's good and ripe and merrily go on your way. That, I point out, is the theistic way of buying tomatoes. :D