Posted: Jun 18, 2010 8:26 am
by Sophie T
CookieJon wrote:
So? Your proposed argument from the theists' point of view about reason was not that it doesn't work at all, just that it "has its limits". It doesn't follow that "reason trumps everything" if you've only used the limited ability of reason to reason that reason itself is limited, or to reason the best method of overcoming its limitations.

I'm neither well read on this topic, nor a philosopher, so please be gentle. ;-)

That's very good! :thumbup: You do a good job of playing Devil's Advocate. I actually read something along these lines from the lips of a Christian apologist just this evening. I'll have to see if I can find it a little later.

Actually, I've been reading so much apologetic stuff lately that I could also play the part of a Christian theist if it would help these discussions. But it would be so painful! Where are the real Christian theists? Don't they want to convert us? Or are we just too "cognitively broken" and "morally depraved" to "see" the "truth." :lol:

This one guy I've been reading actually wrote in his book that he believes evangelicals should stop using birth control like the Catholics, if nothing else to increase numbers! I was like . . . exCUSE me?! This is what it seems to be coming to, though. If they can't win converts through reason, I guess they'll just have to create converts through . . . well--other means.