Posted: Jun 28, 2010 10:48 pm
by hotshoe
Chrisw, I agree with you in principle that a designer could - possibly - be no more complex than what he designed, and as you say there seems no limit to what could be created given enough time.

However, in context of Dawkins' God Delusion and in context of christian cosmology, that doesn't help the christians any. Because they all suppose that god spoke a word and the universe came into being, fully formed in all its parts. So god must have had the entire plan, all the modules worked out, in mind simultaneously. And that concept of godly creation surely would require a godly mind larger and more complex than the universe it was "containing" at the moment before let-there-be-light.

It's even worse for those christians who believe in theistic evolution, because they have to account for a god who was capable - not only of creating a working universe in one moment - of knowing and arranging all the characteristics of every single bit of matter and energy such that they would inevitably lead to the evolution of us, the pinnacle of creation. ;) I'd say that is god-mind complexity squared.