Posted: Mar 07, 2010 11:21 am
by dyet-b
Well, it's not much of an argument...

ray wrote:

Yes, of course. God is not completely hidden. That would be very unfair. Anyone can see Him if they really loved to.

Are you saying that your god is hidden from anybody who doesn't "really love to" see him?
Why does the visibility of your asserted god depend on "really loving to see Him"? Can one find evidence for your god's existence through honest and critical inquiry (without any emotions clouding up judgement)?
You don't describe what it is that I should be looking for, and you blame me for not seeing it. That is completely unfair.

Its like a tall building, and I am standing on the top roof. I can only describe the stars to you. You chose to remain in the basement cellor. You simply need to get to the top floor to see the sky for yourself. How you get up there is entirely up to you.

This analogy is broken.
You refer to the stars, but I know what you refer to because I know myself what stars are. You are describing something that is known to me, I just simply cannot see it in this moment, since I'm in the basement (according to your analogy), presumably without windows. But I still know what stars are, I have seen them before.
Seeing the stars on a clear night is not a big deal, and does not depend on me "really loving to see the stars", as you claimed before. I would see the stars even if I didn't "really love to" see them, but somebody took me to the roof while I was asleep, and woke me up. I would see the stars even if I completely hated to see them.

For you analogy to work, I think you would need to be standing on the roof and pointing at ljhgiafvyfjtbgn (which I don't know what is, I just made it up). And even if I went up to the roof, you would still need to explain how do I detect ljhgiafvyfjtbgn. You would need to show evidence that ljhgiafvyfjtbgn exists. Evidence like clearly pointing it out, so that it is distinct from anything else. Evidence that accounts for every property of the asserted entity. You have been repeatedly been asked to show some evidence. I would really love to see evidence for the existence of any deities, including yours. To follow your analogy, there is no obvious staircase or elevator leading to the roof. You providing the evidence is like showing where the stairs are. When will you start providing the evidence? Do you have any at all?

Yours is not an argument for god, it is rather a "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy mixed with blaming the victim, followed by a bad analogy.