Posted: Mar 07, 2010 10:53 pm
by UnderConstruction
ray wrote:I have attempted the Celler Argument for God in this thread, as well as
in others sections of the forum, but they keep running away from them:





I would recommend learning the difference between "running away from" and "refusing to dignify with a response".

Seeing as I am feeling generous though, I should point out that what you have there is not an argument. It is an unsubstantiated assertion, hidden behind a rather poor metaphor.

The assertion, of course, being that you are the one who is in posession of priviledged knowledge of some sort whilst the rest of us are the ignorant ones (or something along those lines). Tell me, do you have any way of demonstrating that this is the case or are you just talking out of the wrong end?

As far as metaphors go, it's also not that impressive. For example, in a building, a person can use various methods of reaching the roof. Critically, however, and where it differs from wibble like that which you are selling, is that you can show someone else the way to the roof. You can demonstrate that you are in posession of this knowledge. Others also have the opportunity to show superior knowledge by finding a quicker route. Furthermore, once you have reached the roof, you can also show others the stars. You can share your knowledge. Others can scrutinse your findings. This is just the tip of the iceberg of wrongness that is your "argument".