Posted: Jul 15, 2010 10:08 pm
by hotshoe

The usual stupidity that god can somehow be "simple" and still have been capable of creating a complex universe out of nothing, all in no time. That god can somehow be the "uncaused cause" that magically is not physical but magically can interact with our physical reality. That god can somehow be the "unmoved mover" just because someone gives it that title.

Just because humans are capable of stringing three letters together - g--o--d - and imagining that string refers to something outside of spacetime, does not render that string magically free of logical constraints.

Whereas Dawkins' argument correctly points out that the only case we know of where something complex has arisen, without being created by an even-more complex entity, is the case of evolution. We know our complex biosphere was built up in little steps evolutionarily from initially simple materials. Similarly, it is at least possible that a complex entity we might entitle "god" could have evolved somewhere, somehow, from simpler stuff, and could have reached a level of competence to create our cosmos. This can't be disproven and would be consistent with the only evidence we have. But of course, that's not the god most christians are thinking of when they think of "Let there be light". :lol: