Posted: Jul 23, 2010 2:39 am
by Jireh
DaveD wrote:
Jireh wrote:
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You did post this didn’t you? So, where is the evidence that scientific evidence for God’s existence has gotten overwhelming? ... god-t5.htm

We've seen this crap before, including the videos, they're old hat. The "arguments" in that first post in your link are even older and just as disreputable. Just baseless assertions and syllogisms masquerading as logic, that have been debunked many times before.

ink on paper is material, its information, which is written with ink, is essentially non material. While material things cannot be destroid, ( mass , matter , energy ) , information can be destroid, therefore information is non material. Someone can write a new complicated formula on a whiteboard and then erase the formula. This is a case of creating and destroying information.

there we come to the proof, which atheists cannot top :

Information cannot originate through chance plus time , no matter how many chances or how much time is available. There is no known process, and no known sequence of events which can cause information to originate by itself in matter. Information can come only from a mind. Every information can be tracked backward, to a mind. All new information we can detect on earth, always comes from human beings. Since DNA is coded Information, dna was created by a mind. ... t-t283.htm

On the one side, we find the real world of objects, events, and tensional spacetime relations. On the other side, we find fully abstract representations that contain information about the material world. That articulate information is abstracted first by our senses, secondarily by our bodily actions, and tertiarily by our ability to use one or more particular languages . Between the two realms we find what appears to be an uncrossable gulf.

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