Posted: Jul 23, 2010 3:51 pm
by AMR
xrayzed: So you've refuted Stenger's argument? I seem to have missed this. Perhaps you could point me towards your refutation.

then xrayzed says: As for your "critique" of Stenger - I'm amazed that you . . . either fail to understand his points, overlook key points, or simply make unsubstantiated assertions. That was remarkably feeble.

Look xrayzed you're the one who threw down Stenger as your refutation of my line of reasoning, I give you a paragraph on him and you then proceed to bitch that I didn't give sufficient attention to this Stenger's "argument" (Stenger's paper contains several arguments, what specific "argument" are you referring to, did YOU even bother reading the paper you linked to?, I doubt it) so I wade through this guy's paper, most of which I agree with substantially, point out some of the more obvious flaws in this man's main arguments, and you're again bitching at me.

So tell me what points did I overlook specifically?