Posted: Jul 23, 2010 7:59 pm
by AMR
Thanks for the links tytalus. Stenger includes a plot of his universes in one of his papers (plotted along the x axis interestingly in logarithms). He manages to get 2 of his 100 universe scenarios to last as long as 1.5 billion years. Enough to synthesize a periodic table sure but not to nurture an intelligent civilization. Recall the Earth was entirely molten and bombarded by Mars size planetoids for the first ~billion years of its existence. I don't know why he would think this program helps his thesis.

Other problems 1. Only four parameters are tested, he picked 'em so I assume he picked the four out of 20-31 odd that would best make his case. 2. He himself concedes the cosmological constant is an intractable problem that renders all universes within a margin of close to 10120 into hard vacuum. 3. As has been mentioned already on this post GIGO, computer programs can be written that incorporate any number of biases.

hotshoe: the link was in xrayzed's post ... neTune.pdf