Posted: Jul 28, 2010 2:45 am
by xrayzed
AMR wrote:And you, of course, miss the central point of my refutation of Stenger's MonkeyGod simulation effort. Stenger's own program (detailed in his paper NATURAL EXPLANATIONS FOR THE ANTHROPIC COINCIDENCES -- what you originally linked to is apparently a rough draft of that paper) only explores one aspect of a putative "randomly generated" universe: stellar lifetimes...

Nice failure to admit you screwed up. Whatever. :cheers:

Stenger's randomly generated didn't generate a universe with stars that last as long as the ones in our universe. So? Even accepting those are the best possible cases (out of a sample of 100 I'd suggest it isn't likely) this only matters if you can show that the time it took life to evolve on Earth is the absolute minimum time required for life to evolve in all possible universes. Good luck with that.

Of course this all presumes that the parameters in question could have been different. Let us know when you've confirmed that as well.