Posted: Sep 28, 2010 5:29 am
by IIzO
Wow , this "everything that began to exists" pre suppositionalist shit is still going on?
I still wonder where Craig and Ichtyus took this from.They even intend to know more from the "physical" that scientist do.
And lol "physical" as opposed to what? Imaginary "non physical" ?Yeah just go on and invent a new substance that suit to your presuposition , do not define it , and just say "it must be uncausal !"
And for some reason its not "physical" because ,you just can't be . :crazy:

1- Everything that is "physical" must have an acausal cause to exist wich isn't matter , but makes matters that must have a cause that is not matter.....because it was decided that it's not possible for matter to be uncaused....because .....Whatever that exists must have a cause ! But only if it is physical!....because....Wait what isn't this some logically circular making up shit without any justification ?