Posted: Sep 30, 2010 5:09 am
by hotshoe
Ichthus77 wrote:
Bud's Brain...takes guts to stick out like that. At Richard Dawkins' old forum, and at the Reason Project, I reported a poster after many attempts to "self-police" and nothing was done about it. Now I usually just ignore offensive stuff (not the person, just the stuff...if they say something relevant, I'll reply) if self-policing doesn't work.

Oh, isn't that just so special. Maryann took time to congratulate Bud's Brain for "policing" the forum, but Maryann didn't take time to police her own conduct - in the form of the lie she wrote about what Greta said - nor did Maryann choose to display the guts to make the public apology she owes to Greta for distorting her words like that.

How about it, Maryann, are you going to make the apology you owe ?

Or is my moral claim on your repentance for your transgression just not "relevant" enough for you ?