Posted: Sep 30, 2010 2:14 pm
by Bud's Brain
I don't 'believe' in anything. I conside bible stories, christian doctrine, gods, goddesses, demons, superheroes - all of it really, as fiction. By dictionary definition, that makes me an atheist, and a lot of other a-[insert word here].

I consider evolution to be correct - NOT TRUE - as it's not a doctrine. Ditto for paleantology, biology etc. All of these branches, in my opinion, can't be claimed to be 'true' by either side . They do not require faith to be claimed as true or false - they are simply correct or incorrect. Doctrines require faith and are not flexible or renewable.

Symantics? Perhaps. But I actively avoid words such as 'I believe in' or 'it's True'. It's also 'true' that I'm not an expert at any of it, which would make a statement of 'I believe it's TRUE' even more absurd in the face of my ignorance.

It's my way of leveling my playing field. I've yet to find a doctrine / discipline for which I'm ready to die.
Policing forums is not my hobby, BTW. We all know when we're crossing the FUA.