Posted: Sep 30, 2010 3:05 pm
by hotshoe
trubble76 wrote:
Ichthus77 wrote:If someone simply has not decided yes or no about whether God exists, and so has no definitive belief that a God exists (or that a God doesn't exist), that does not mean they are an atheist--it means they are agnostic (perhaps there is a better word for it, since gnosis is knowledge, not just belief). If they claim to be an atheist, they are claiming to have a belief that God does not exist. If they don't want to be accused of "believing" something, they shouldn't adopt such a strong title.

I love it when you get a theist that tells us atheists what we actually believe, and how the definitions of words can be changed at will simply to support shaky positions.

Perhaps I could have a go; atheism actually means you have an ability to turn blue when shocked, whereas agnosticism means you can't wear matching socks on Tuesdays.


Even Maryann knows what she did there isn't right, but she did it anyway. See that little clause "perhaps there is a better word for it, since gnosis is knowledge" ? That's the giveaway that Maryann is deliberately choosing to misuse the word for her propaganda.