Posted: Oct 01, 2010 12:58 am
by Oldskeptic
Maryan wrote:
Mkay...well...this makes me want to reread Greene, so I will, but I've got these epistemology books that are first in line.

How are more philosophical opinions about the theory of knowledge going to help you?

Maryan wrote:
Hackenslash--which valid and relevant-to-what-I-actually-said objection(s) did I miss?

I pointed out at least one in my previous post, but I think that Hackenslash is probably including every point of argument that you have ducked/ignored on this thread.

Maryan wrote:

trubble, hotshoe, and anyone else included in this aspect of the discussion: if atheism is not a positive belief (in a world with no God, or in the nonexistence of God), but rather a lack of belief (in the existence of God, or in a world with God), then...

I give you...

hehehe *snort*


The theism of the New Theism is not a belief, but a lack of belief--a lack of belief in a world with no God--a lack of belief in the nonexistence of God--because, there is just no evidence for the belief that there is no God. All the evidence (who? we dunno couldn't be atheists, because they don't believe anything...) use to support the nonexistence of God is in fact irrational gibberish invented by spin doctors and regurgitated by the unthinking masses. Their strongest evidence--the argument from evil--contradicts itself when you consider that if there is not always a real good (God) to which moral truth always corresponds, then there is no real evil (and thus no real argument from evil). And it is answered by the reality that if God, like an evil dictator, did not allow us to choose evil, the choice of Golden Rule love-despite-circumstances would be impossible--and he promises a happy ending for all those who choose it (or, at least, do not reject it). Therefore, going with our intuition that there is a real good, we favor a theistic conclusion (there is no faith involved in this, but somehow, we are not quite certain, either), but really we just lack belief in the nonexistence of God. We don't really believe anything.

Seriously. That's what y'all atheists sound like.

Seriously, you are beginning to sound a bit disturbed mentally. If God does not exist then evil does not exist? God is an evil dictator that allows us to choose to follow the “Golden rule” so that there can be a happy ending?

Save your hehehe and *snort* for your “faithful” followers. Here your premature bragging just sounds the braying of a purposely ill-informed mule.