Posted: Oct 01, 2010 1:38 am
by hotshoe
Oh, and the argument from evil ? Jayzuz, Maryann, you should really be embarrassed by the illogic you demonstrate by throwing that into your atheist-mockery. Atheists don't have a problem with evil. You do. You christians do. We don't believe in an objective "evil" as opposed to an objective "good." You christians do. The problem of evil is not evidence for the non-existence of god - how could it be evidence for non-existence? No such thing. But it's proof that if a god does exist, it does not have the characteristics people like you feel it does.

You're the one who feels (or claims to know) that there is an omniscient omnipotent omnibenevolent father (somewhere, here there and everywhere). But those characteristics are logically unreconcilable. NO theologist has ever come up with a satisfactory answer to the problem, although every christian theologist claims to have. That's how they lie to themselves to live with their burden of faith, I guess. Or, that's what the heinous genocidal heart-hardening god of the christians forces them to believe, maybe. Who knows.