Posted: Oct 01, 2010 9:25 pm
by Oldskeptic
Maryann wrote:


Hm. What do you think of hotshoe's latest reply, wherein he says there is no evil? Evil does exist--it is a clue to God's existence (a clue to the existence of a real good--of which evil is a real privation...not opposite, just to be clear). The evil dictator part had only to do w/ the sort of God (unworthy of the title) who would not allow free will. Free will makes choosing love possible, but also its alternative...evil...and without the possibility of that alternative, there really isn't a choice...and love is not 'really' love unless it is chosen. In order to prevent all evil choices, or all pain (not just "physical" pain), the consequence ultimately would prevent love as well. Many leaders history deems evil dictators in hind-sight, start out w/ what they feel are good intentions. Preventing all evil choices at first blush looks like a good intention, but only an evil dictator would actually do it. The happy ending (despite circumstances that others may label "evil"...think Job) actually starts the moment you choose it here and now (your kingdom come...on is within you).

Well, hotshoe and others have taken care of most of this so I’ll leave that alone, but there is this assertion that people choose to fall in love.

Love is one of the worst examples one could use to try to support the existence of freewill. People do not choose to fall in love or be in love. In the case of romantic love it is purely biological. With the right combinations of chemicals/hormones in the brain you are in love, without them you are not, and there is no way to choose to have these chemical combinations.

1)Androgens and estrogens cause what could be called love but a better word would be lust, as in an incessant drive for sexual gratification. Here you want to have sex with someone.

2)With high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine combined with low serotonin you are in love characterized by sexual attraction and varying levels of obsession with the person that causes this situation. Here you want to be with someone and have an emotional connection.

3)With stable levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin but elevated levels of oxytocin and vasopressin you are in love characterized by attachment and fondness to anyone that causes this situation. Here you are comfortable with the emotional connection and being with someone.

To paraphrase Helen Fisher we can no more choose to be in love or not than we can choose to be hungry or not.