Posted: Nov 11, 2010 3:24 pm
by Will S
sanja wrote:There are some examples in Heisenbergs book "Physics and metaphysics".
For instance, one interesting event is described, happened during one walk Bohr and Heisenberg took.
Heisenberg took some little stone and hit one distant pillar.

Bohr than explained how the hand "knew" where to hit, and if he (heisenberg) have used his reason instead of intuition, to calculate path of the stone, related to air conditions, etc - that he would most probably have missed the pillar.

It's clear (I trust!) that what we're talking about here is how we acquire knowledge about the universe we live in?

There are many cases, like the one you cite, where we're trying to perform a particular task, and our bodies may "know" better than our conscious minds about how best to do it. But the fact that you and I have both of us put the words "know" / "knew" in quotes demonstrates that we're not talking about knowledge in the normal sense of the word.

I might, similarly, say that my stomach "knows" how to digest my dinner. That's, in a sense, true, but I can't see that my stomach's "knowledge" of how to perform this vital task has any relevance to the OP of this topic! :angel:

Is this your best example, or have you anything better?