Posted: Jan 18, 2011 2:26 am
by the mouse
Goldenmane wrote:

Asking "which one?" is equivalent to "define your terms". "I believe in God" is properly responded to with "What is this god thing you speak of?" or, "define your terms"... or "which one?".

No, it's not. I would assume that someone who asks me "which one" is asking which particular religion I subscribe to, in which my God belongs to, rather than what do I mean by "God". In fact, if that is what you are looking for, then you should start using the question, instead of which one. I understand the question your trying to ask, and that is what is the nature of this God that the poster believes in, but this is not evident in the question "which one?"

Because the word "god", even capitalised, is not defined. It's vague, and essentially meaningless until it is defined.

Meaningless to whom?

Just get two believers talking and see how long it lasts before they start disagreeing about the nature and properties of the thing they both claim to worship.

Here's your problem. Two people can believe in Richard Dawkins, but disagree about his nature, such is he a good father, and a kind man, an intelligent human being, etc..., in the same sense two people can believe in God, and disagree about his nature, such as if God is concerned with affairs of his creature, if he can or does intervene supernaturally, if he loves us or not, or if his nature is revealed in Jesus Christ, etc....