Posted: Jan 20, 2011 6:40 pm
by Hugin
Will S wrote:
Hugin wrote:I very much agree with the OP - science is simply applied reason to the natural world. But I'm doubtful about the notion of reason being the same thing as common sense. Is it really?

To be honest, I rather wish I hadn't used the phrase 'common sense' - it's a bit woolly.

All I can say in self-defence is that I did qualify it by saying: Of course, some of the results of using 'applied common sense' may seem to violate other conclusions which we've reached using common sense – but that is a different issue.

Yeah, though I've never put deep thought into what common sense means.

Another thing to your defense is that in Swedish, "common sense" is called "sunt förnuft", which literally translates as "sane reason".

Anyhow, since science is based on reason, why does Dawkins call his foundation "... for Reason and Science"? :ask: