Posted: Mar 22, 2010 3:42 pm
by Ian Tattum
shh wrote:
Mick wrote:It's odd that the OP is directed toward theists.
I'm betting fewer atheists ask Jerome for advice on this issue. :naughty2:
I don't really have much advice to give here, I generally get on ok with the theists/religious people I've come across here.
I think the best attitude is to stick to your guns when you feel you have to, admit you're wrong when you are, and not kiss ass, or get hostile too much, and as Mick suggests that's applicable to atheists too.
Since you're posting helpful threads Jerome, maybe a thread on theists perception of the forum would be an idea? Might be risky wrt trolls, but might be worthwhile too. :think:

With due apologies I find this forum a bit of a curate's egg :grin:
It is like wandering through a labyrinth in which you come upon a room full of drunks hurling molotov cocktails,so you rush through the exit only to stumble into a conclave of psychiatrists who gaze at you anxiously and then immediately start scribbling a diagnosis. The final room is fortunately just peopled by the scrupulously sceptical who ask probing but fair questions and gently shake their heads at all your answers.