Posted: Jan 02, 2013 5:22 pm
by Somewhat_Believer
Hi, fellow ration...

No, I cannot brand you as rational, since reason is something I hardly understand since I had a course which completely destroyed this notion, or almost. You'll see many "almost" from me, since I try to be as respectful of other beliefs as I can and that includes not thinking my own beliefs are automatically better than yours, or tru(er) for that matter.

Although I said I don't think I'm right, this is obviously a self-deception since I wouldn't try to convince you if in the innermost part of me I wouldn't think I have the Truth. Or would I? I can rearrange my thoughs by saying there are some matters in which I think I'm closer of the truth than others. I know that I don't know however I think I may know some things. No, I'm not drunk, just confused (I'm not on drugs either, except if you count doctor prescribed clobazam as drug). Usually, I don't say so much apparently unconnected things at once, so this may just be because I'm here and I don't know what to say.

So, am I rational or not? I guess I'm skeptic, which is the other part of the name of this site. And I don't mean by that to attack those of you thinking they are rational, you have every rights to find a sense in this hollow word beyond mere coherence.

Now, trying to collect my though, which are incredibly sparse today, probably because I just finished a baccalaureate in philosophy and politic at Laval University, in Quebec (Yes, I'm a French-speaker), I can struggle to make sense of my existence and the reason I think I'm here.

So, a friend invited me, probably thinking I would be more cartesian than that, but it cannot be helped, I often feel more free to express myself in English since I have this impression I can always say : "ho, I made a mistake in my writing. This isn't really what I wanted to say." Thus, I'm a French canadian, Quebecker, federalist, social-liberal (for what you think this may mean), heavily influenced by classic liberal ideals and by some anarcho-communist comrads, liking history, politic and philosophy. As my name implies it, I'm also agnostic-pantheist, which means I currently think there is a sort of power which makes us move, which may be called God, but as a spinozist I think this "god" is the universe or as an hegelian the "absolute spirit". Anyway, I don't know if He has a consciousness, but I don't think so and I would bet for the later. Although I don't know.

If you want to know my history, my mother tried to raise me in the catholic-christian faith, but I finally deserted somewhere around the end of my High school. I also gradually came to dislike (exacerbate) nationalism. Then, I found while working as a dishwasher that the only thing that was similar for all human beings and also other living beings was the survival instinct. I came to associate that to what I said above about a cosmic force which sustains us.

I think this is probably all I could tell of me for the moment. For more serious interventions, I have yet to learn how this forum works and how to rejoin a conversation which is going on since many months without deviating it. I'm not new on forums, but of this kind I'm perplex as how you can work as a community of people linked by not so much and with not so much in common.

I may learn.