Posted: Feb 23, 2013 11:48 pm
by Gallstones
Scarlett wrote:
Gallstones wrote:
Doubtdispelled wrote:
Scarlett wrote:Just a hunch but....


Collector dude, it's you isn't it?

Don't be silly, Pau... I mean Scarlett. That doesn't look anything like Set... I mean Collector!

It looks like a personal attack though.

Does it? Would it have been a personal attack if I'd put George Clooney's picture there?

I may pop onto that thread about ugly blokes you started, I can't quite remember your take on it :coffee:

Tomorrow though, night night.

Why did you choose this photo?
Why didn't you post George Clooney or Ted Nugent or Chuck Norris?
At least they'd be cliche and show some sense of humor.