Posted: Apr 17, 2013 7:35 pm
by Macky Avelli
Yes I saw that too. I looked through the last few pages of that thread and I didn't see anyone banned, and then I noticed that someone was suspended. You weren't banned, dude, they just suspended you. I guess it must have gotten out of hand somehow and they probably deleted some posts too. I say that because there doesn't seem to have been any arguing or anything like that. So I reckon some posts were deleted. Yours, I would imagine. Which is very odd because they do let people speak their mind, more so than lots of other forums, but they don't like people being disruptive. So my guess is that they thought you were being disruptive.

I was banned because I totally lost my rag. I can't say it was all my fault but with hindsight I think it was fair.