Posted: Apr 17, 2013 9:07 pm
by Passer
I'll be totally honest with you, and I really have no reason not to be. Nobody knows me here, hardly, I've no internet 'reputation' to uphold, I've nothing to hide. Yes the abuse was both ways, but there were four of them and they kind of gang up on 'materialists' as they like to label. They were a lot more, how can I put it, bitchy? Seriously, how on earth none of them got so much as a warning, I'll never know. Actually, I think one of them did, but long story short, they were the hard asses

And yes, they do delete posts, I've seen it done a few times now, and I think if David Icke knew what was going on, he wouldn't be impressed

Fascist fundamentalists best sums it up