Posted: Apr 17, 2013 10:29 pm
by Macky Avelli
I get what you're saying. But it is their "territory" so to speak so you have to be careful. I can't remember who wrote the post, possibly Ex Sheep himself, but it was mentioned that if anyone disagrees with them it's best not to let disputes go on and on for ages, the reason being that their job (or however you want to think of it) is to uncover the conspiracy, and that if a thread doesn't "resonate" (that was the word used) with someone, they should just drop it and move onto another thread. I can understand that in a way. If their conspiracies are real, or even if they're not, I can see why they would take it seriously enough to want to keep focussed on solutions. It's like if a non feminist went on a feminist forum, the difference in ideology would be so vast that after a point both sides would be at loggerheads to the extent that it would cease to be productive, and we all know how hard it is to have a fully constructive debate on internet forums as it is, so from that perspective I can sort of see why they don't like arguments to linger. The same kind of thing applies here too, I'm thinking specifically about holocaust denial being against the rules. I can imagine the chaos that would ensue if someone said that it didn't happen. Can you debate against a holocaust denier? Sure, but think how chaotic such a debate would turn out to be if allowed. Could the David Ickers have debated with you for longer? Yes of course, but I'm guessing that the mods could see where it was going and decided to warn you, then suspend you. I wouldn't even worry about it. Just go back on when your suspension is done, and maybe try a different approach. Anyway it was only a suspension.