Posted: Apr 21, 2013 12:00 pm
by Passer
Macky Avelli wrote:
Passer wrote:
Macky Avelli wrote:Dude, you started a thread all about it and you sent a complaint.

3 days ago - it's not bothered me since, and all I'm doing now is participating in a conversation here

Macky Avelli wrote:And then you have the nerve

Nerve? Calm down dude and grab some perspective - I merely admitted to it not bothering me, that's not exactly treason is it?

Macky Avelli wrote:to say that it's not bothering you.

What a nerve huh?

Macky Avelli wrote:Of course it's bothering you. Just admit it.

Was bothering me.

But you know what I learned over on the Icke forums? There are some people who just love to argue for the sake of it, even when it's a trivial piece not worthy of anyone's time or energy. That there are people out there who seem to get a kick out of being confrontational for no other reason than to win a rather insignificant debate - you know, like whether or someone is still bothered by something that happened in the past.

I also learned to put them on ignore

It has not bothered you since, and yet here you are. The thing is, when I was banned from there I didn't feel the need to come here and start a thread about it. It doesn't matter how much you spin it, it is still bothering you. It really shouldn't. Get over it.

It is not bothering me, and you are quite amusing