Posted: Apr 21, 2013 12:14 pm
by Passer
Macky Avelli wrote:Sure, sure. Oh look, we're on page 3 of the thread you started all about that thing that isn't bothering you.

So? Only a minor part of it is about the incident. More and more of it is me replying to your obvious yet weak attempts to wind me up. Seriously, let it go, it doesn't bother me, go argue with someone else, you obviously love to do so.

What's you real intention here? 60 something posts, so quite a new member, yet prepared to argue about trivial matters you have no real knowledge to participate in. Your machiavellian moves are a bit too obvious to be clever

Please stop telling me I'm bothered when I've told you I am not. I aired my grievances 3 days ago and sent the compaint 3 days ago.

It is you who is obsessing here, not I.