Posted: May 02, 2013 10:06 pm
by Proud_kiwi
Passer wrote:
Proud_kiwi wrote:
Passer wrote:Not sure where this should go so I took a chance here

Well, I can now officially place it in my signature

"I was banned from the David Icke forum for asking for evidence due to certain posters making unsubstantiated claims"

That's quite ironic

But the real sad fact, is that a moderator literally followed me around for two days, continually telling me to stop asking for evidence. Then, in a post, made a personal remark about me, to which I asked what he meant. He then proceeded to ban me

Well, on behalf of all sane, and rational thinkers, I would just like to go on record as saying

F@ck you small minded fascist - and the horse you rode in on. You've just done me a massive favour

That's the trouble with 'freedom of speech', it's all cool and groovy until someone starts to use it.

Anyone else encountered anything similar?

I'm new to this site and just wanted to say that I know what you're saying as I'm currently on a suspension from that site.

I had some major arguments with two MOD fron the Icke site for giving my views on the Bombing of Dresden , the Moon Landings and on 9/11 which clearly went against their delusional views

The two MOD's names are thommo and zephirop and neither of them can handle being made to look the fools that they are so they use their positions as MODs as a weapon.
Also just incase the two of them happen to visit here I even kept the same name on this site that I have over there. :cheers:

I think they are all a bunch of fundamentalists, small minded and intolerant
I agree and if you ask them a question they don't have an answer for they start the abuse and start threating you with suspension which didn't scare me at all.

They will ask you a question and if your answer isn't what they wanted then they start with the PM's and they hack and slash threads to the degree that they only show one side of the argument and just become pointless and a waste of time.