Posted: May 05, 2013 6:19 am
by trick_flow
Passer wrote:

I was temp banned, I've recently been permanently banned after I sent an email to Sean the Webmaster, asking him nicely to sort out my accounts. No reason given just - perma banned

I feel kinda speshel :D

He will ban you if he finds you criticising elsewhere online, which he may have. At a guess I would say he runs searches using David Icke Forum and so on as keywords, as part of policing the interwebz, and may have found this forum, (as did I, it came up on the second page for me, but i am not interested in policing anything :grin: )

He scans other forums looking for things, he even goes into the Sanctum Zone chatroom at times to read what is being said and try get the people there to stop saying things he doesnt like about the Icke Forum.

Most other forums created that comment on the David Icke Forum will have their URL's entered into the DIF software to blank them out either on the forum or in Private Messages, if they dont like what is being said. So if you attempt to put up a link on the forum or through PM's it will look like that **************

How's that for freedom of information and speech hey. :grin: