Posted: May 14, 2013 9:55 pm
by Black Noise
I have to say that the moderator on the David Icke forum that I communicated with was quite friendly and reasonable in agreeing with my reasons for posting what I did. But nevertheless, any information that I posted that pointed out errors in the information posted in the forum, was removed.

It appears that they are actively trying to perpetuate erroneous information for some reason or another. A significant number of the people posting in the forum threads over there seem have something seriously wrong with them mentally. It's actually quite disturbing to observe that people can be so utterly stupid but still have the ability to access a forum and type reasonably coherent sentences.

Considering what gets published on that forum, I am slightly suspicious as to why it still exists - and indeed why David Icke still exists. If I was a conspiracy theorist - which I'm not - I might be inclined to think that David Icke, along with his forum, is part of an organization that is being used to attract and observe all the dangerous elements in our society. The forum would be a really effective way of herding all the dangerous idiots and nutters, so they can have an eye kept on them. If that's the case then the last thing the forum moderators would want is people on there posting rational arguments, and as it happens, my posts were removed.