Posted: May 26, 2013 1:16 am
by Proud_kiwi
apollo_gnomon wrote:Hello. I, too, was recently banned at Delusional Idiots Forum for posting facts and insisting that people who call themselves "truth seekers" should have critical thinking skills. I had a pretty long run there, a couple of years. The OP claims not to be bothered by it, but I'm actually pretty annoyed. The circumstances of my banning were completely manipulated by the mods; technically I was suspended for "off topic" posts that directly answered other posts which were left in the thread, and my answers were "memory holed" from the forum to prevent contamination of the forum with verifiable facts.

The irony of all this is that by banning dissent the forum will become an intellectual echo chamber, which doesn't drive page views or post count as well as controversy and debate. The ad revenue will be driven more by the 2000+ non-logged-in "guests" that are apparently present on the forum 24/7 rather than the <100 logged in users who actually generate the page-view-drawing content.
Hi apollo I remember reading alot of your posts over there concerning the Moon Landings & found them to be most informative. :thumbup: