Posted: Sep 15, 2013 7:23 pm
by HomerJay
iamthereforeithink wrote:Fables, myths and parables are a time tested method of imparting wisdom. And most people with more than 2 functioning brain cells understand that these are intended to be allegorical/ metaphorical and not statements of fact. When people mistake myths for factual accounts, that's when we have a problem.

yes, it depends very much on where we draw the distinctions between myths and other forms of fiction.

Where they are held as sacred, for example, they are very different from pulp fiction or cowboy stories.

I'm not sure it helps our understanding of myths if we reduce them to the same as comic books.

But to embue myths with more power than comic books seems like a big mistake too, except for their limited distribution and more universal nature, mainly due to the limited resources available to people at the time.

I'm not sure the difference between fact and fiction is even that distinct, the 'true life' stories in women's magazines; I Slept with my Father's Boyfriend and Now I'm Having His Baby seem as popular as ever, perhaps more so and allow some sort of vicarious morality play for the weak of mind. A bit like the awful self help section at the library, where the distinction between fact or fiction is based solely on people's ability to interpret the text according to their own experience.