Posted: Mar 05, 2014 1:10 pm
by Deremensis
The_Piper wrote:
Deremensis wrote:and to The_Piper: I will try to post some of my nature photography at some point later! I'm taking a field bio class right now, so I'll have a lot of photos of native Florida plants and birds. :)

Woohoo! :smile: Anything will be interesting. I saw you mentioned ticks. We've even had a couple of people sharing micrographs of bacteria.

Ah, that was my bad. Common beggars ticks are a weed, not an actual tick :lol:
They're little white flowers with a yellow center that get their name from the fact that just about anything that lightly brushes up against them will get their seed stuck on them and spread it elsewhere. Here in Florida you'll find the damn things crowding out everything but the crabgrass in a yard. This is similar to what they look like (I'm not sure I've seen leaves like this on most of the ones I see down here, but the flower looks the same, and it is definitely of the Bidens genus):