Posted: Mar 05, 2014 3:43 pm
by Calilasseia
Oh, and while I'm in the mood, this is your one stop shop for all taxonomic high jinks past and present, though sadly, it hasn't yet included the fossil plant from the Rhynie Chert, that was named Gingoites nannyoggiae, after one of the Discworld characters. :)

The world of Lepidoptera alone is replete with fun and games taxonomy wise, such as the fact that several taxa in the Riodinidae (Nemeobiidae in older literature) are anagrams of each other (e.g., the Genera Laxita and Taxila), and Linnaeus started a trend for naming Catocala Noctuid moths with species names referring to brides, marriage, courtship, and in some later variations of the theme, rampant shagging (though I've yet to see any reference to harlots, which would be the case if there existed a Catocala hetaira - isn't a Classical education a wonderful thing?). Find out more here, even though the article doesn't elaborate on any of this!