Posted: Apr 13, 2014 4:36 am
by gigic
Hello, I am a new member, thought I'd join to tell everyone interested that there is now a new type of banning on the David Icke Forums, secret banning.

Stompk was a long time, brilliant contributor on the Icke Forums for years, my jaw dropped when I read he was "secretly banned". I created an account on the Icke Forums, username underdenver, so I could comment on the Flight MH370 thread. Stompk was the first to mention the curious coincidence of CNN's Richard Quest interviewing the pilots before the plane went down. I started commenting on this point, got a lot of my posts deleted and now my account is permanently disabled, just like Stompk explains here :

The Moderators involved were I_am and Ex-Sheep. So much for free speech on the David Icke forums, probably just confirms that the forum censors information, just like Social Media, therefore it becomes just another source of mainstream media disinformation I guess.