Posted: Dec 07, 2014 5:06 am
by Secular Atheist
Hi RationalSkepticism my name is TJ, not the AmazingAtheist but equally amazing. I'm a fairly new atheist activist who design presentations aimed at analyzing religious moral diagnosis, exposing Biblical immorality, and encouraging critical free thought. While lacking supernatural encouragement, I illustrate how awe and wonder can be experienced via humanistic lifestyles which are the foundation for religion dogmatism.

Many religious people reject all other possible deities ever conceived by human and cultural civilization, however, I've managed to take one step further. If the aforementioned is your train of taught, then prepare yourself to dive into the critical philosophical journey with Secular Atheist.

I would like to post links to my YouTube channel, however, I would like to verify if self promotion on this forum isn't a sin. Please let me know if self promotion is transgression of forums law.