Posted: Jan 13, 2015 10:02 pm
by TopCat
campermon wrote:
Quite a challenge!

Tell me about it!

Give us a shout if you need some resources.

Ok, well I'm using Jim Clark's IGCSE book as the main text, backed up currently with some other revision guide that has some quite decent exam-style questions in it. Jim Clark is the ChemGuide guy, excellent as a 'bare essentials' resource for A Level, explains things pretty well generally.

For practicals I'm mostly making them up (admittedly after much research on YouTube) - so far I've done freezing point depression due to dissolved salt (with graphs, noting the extended period of warming at the melting point due to latent heat of fusion).

Also heating hydrated copper sulphate to drive off the water and hence calculate the number of molecules of water of crystallisation (we did get 5 :smile: ). Can you believe you can get a pretty damn decent electronic scale for seven quid???

Next up will be some acid/base/indicator stuff, a titration and a distillation. I plan to make some dry ice from a fire extinguisher and chuck it into some dilute NaOH solution with some universal indicator, should be fun. Also, once we've distilled some water, I'll get her to grow some crystals in it.

No lectures about safety needed, I hasten to add, trust me, I'm extremely cautious. :cheers: :cheers:

Any other resource ideas will be *very* gratefully received, whether for book learning, practicals, or lab gear suppliers.