Posted: Mar 26, 2016 8:02 am
by Gord
Hi. I'm Gord. No relation.

Signed up mostly so I could Search for posts on some particular topic or other, I forget which one now. :ask: I got distracted reading something else. Now I can't remember what I was going to ask when I started this thread.


Gettin' old....

Anyway, I post a lot on the, uh...other skeptics forum somewhere. Wow. Memory's really failing here. The forum's name has a lot of esses in it, I remember that much. Oh jeez right, the Skeptic Society Forum! And I was looking for information on Acharya S / D. M. Murdoch's book about Moses. Nope, couldn't find anything about it. Probably got distracted, though.

Nice ta meet ya.

I like the smilies here. :naughty2: Dang we need some of these over at that other place. :what: Ooh, especially this one: :eh:

Anyway, uh, hi. I think I'll be back -- today's Saturday, right? -- I'll need to get to sleep soon, gotta go shopping for, um, food in the morning. Hopefully I'll remember how to get back here again.

Keep a light on for me! :drunk: wait that's a bottle, not a candle

Ooh! Jig smilie! :dance: