Posted: Mar 26, 2016 10:21 pm
by Gord
Onyx8 wrote:Welcome aboard, hope you remember to come back. We do have a thread or two re Acharya S as I recall. Give it a search.

I did. I was specifically hoping to find any criticism of her (I think last?) book, the one about Moses.

Because I've read some of her other crap, and I don't want to read this last book, but I also don't want to judge something I haven't read. I'm torn between the horror of reading one more piece of crap, and the ignorance of denouncing something I haven't read!

Also: Laziness. Very many lazinesses. (Wait: Why isn't spellcheck catching "lazinesses" as a misspelling?) (Good Gord, it's an actual word! "The plural of laziness!")