Posted: Dec 23, 2017 1:03 pm
by Fallible
Let me get this straight. You accuse me of playing hide and seek, then spend the following lines alluding to something and threatening to reveal all about something that you never actually name.

I'll be clear for you, since you seem to think I am playing some act. I don't give a fucking shit what you think I'm doing, or what you know that you think would raise eyebrows. Do you honestly think with the year I've had that I give a gnat's left bollock about anything you have to reveal or say? Oh my God, what could it possibly be?? Might I have said things to or about some people's words I don't know and never will, in a corner of the internet?? What will all my loyal minions think?? I will lose all my immense power! Whatever shall I do then??? My life will be over!!

As we are being clear, let me be really clear about something else - anyone can ask me anything they like about anything, I'll gladly tell them the truth as far as I can remember it here, in public, whenever they like. I'm not really that concerned about what people think, I stopped being cowed by attempted shaming a very long time ago.