Posted: Dec 30, 2017 7:29 am
by Fallible

Continuing with the lies, I see. You flail in here out of the blue, target me and proceed to spend probably hours concocting a post full of complete shit, accusing me of all manner of heinous acts, all totally unfalsifiable. I'm not allowed to ask for clarification, as this is characterised as me continuing to act innocent, in accordance with your unfalsifiable theory.

You won't answer any direct questions, just continue to pull the passive aggressive 'you know what you did' bullshit. You throw out another fishing line by asking me how some person is like I should know who she is (that's from your reply to my deleted post which you claim not to have read), and again dodge answering my question.

Now you insinuate that I am overreacting by using caps, like that is somehow an indication of a loss of control when some randomer has spent hours personally attacking me out of nowhere with a gish gallop of lies.

You have no purpose in this thread other than to troll. If you did, you would not be taking the tack you currently are, which is one of bored nonchalance towards the shitstorm you tried and failed to start. You're the one who was so incensed by my behaviour over years that you simply could not hold back any longer, remember? You're the one outraged by the way I have schemed and actually drawn up plans, made people leave in distress. You're the white knight come to speak up for the disenfranchised, those driven from their homes in the dead of night by my barbaric troops. The irony of the situation fails to penetrate your skull, apparently - namely, you are acting far more unpleasantly here than I ever have by creating a story that I have no way of refuting, and twisting any response to fit it. You even think you can neutralise the comments of my own husband by claiming he would defend me because he's married to me. That's also the reason he knows me and my actions better than you could ever hope to, and one of the many reasons why your rantings are worth fuck all.

All you ever wanted to do here was impotently rant at me for some shit you half think I've done to your buddies but don't have the evidence for (except, one suspects, the butthurt whinings of said buddies). I'm a prominent pain in the arse, so an easy target. Now you've exhausted yourself, you're content to leave your steaming shit just lying there. What a noble individual you are. You may even get a few people who respond emotionally to any challenge to agree with you.

Your type of insidious bullying doesn't work on me, Ironclad. Under all the laughable melodrama of your accusations, you have nothing to say. Now see if you can stick to your word this time, and move on. But don't forget to make sure I know by telling me!