Posted: Jan 11, 2018 10:47 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Ironclad wrote:So boring.

Just remind yourself every once in a while, maybe playing the victim card too heavily could wear a bit thin and or be transparent. IIRC a few days ago you pulled two victim cards in one paragraph - gender, and minority.
Protesteth too much?
You get caught out being mean to others, have it clearly explained, you accuse the detractor of bullying.. it's so dull. Spy v Spy lol

Look, I'm up for the long haul if you so fancy. Kiore had pointed out via modnote that there can be no proven case, so that's empowering for you and you may retaliate and spit fire with gusto eh; my words are unlikely to gain weight, so we carry on throwing snowballs across the yard. But.. it means so little, to me anyway, from where I'm sitting you have nothing left and I don't care, I said what I felt necessary (after years of holding back) and it's done.

I really don't wish to pull you apart, upset you or your husband or cause deeper harm. I don't. Really. I just want to see this (often unseen) bullying business stop. And I will halt too. I promise.

Lastly, lol maybe, passive-aggressive? You clearly are not familiar with the term, I have been very open with my thoughts and pointed them right at you. If you believe that I have not explained myself to you, and clearly, feel free to fill me in.


It's rather passive-agressive to feign disinterest and yet post entire paragraphs about someone else's behaviour and short comings.