Posted: Mar 07, 2018 4:13 pm
by Fallible
UncertainSloth wrote:
scott1328 wrote:I am sure Ironclad's repeated inflammatory postings to Fallible has been condoned by the moderators. What else can I conclude since they have completely ignored every one of my reports. Or, maybe the email notifying me of the moderator's negligence decision to do nothing is stuck in the broken notification system. Oh if only there were an alternative method to send private messages to forum members when the moderators decide not to do their jobs.

ah, so i'm not the only one being ignored in these matters? i assumed i was just being shrugged off because of who i am... solidarity, brother... :cheers:

edit - and,interestingly, though probably unsurprisingly, one of the posts i've reported from early jan seems to have been deactivated...even though it was exactly the same behaviour as the member had just been advised for in a different thread... :scratch:

is she perfect?...nah...should she be protected under the same fua? ...yep...

Umm...excuse me? Fallible? Not perfect??