Posted: Oct 10, 2018 9:40 pm
by scherado
[this no longer left intentionally blank, which is funny...]

It was so unusually easy to register that I thought.... something was wrong! "It's like butter," came to mind.

Well, I want to discuss many things on a genuine message board, forum as I loathe facepalm, and have no use for twitter.

My first message boards, or fora, were Ann Coulter (political), Bjork (fansite), Milkymoon (Joanna Newsom fansite)

I have spent some time on philosophy and science boards, but never stayed long.

I spent two years debating, informally, Biological Evolution, Origins, the nature of time, and such, on a fine forum, with the word "fairytale" in the url, and not knowing anything about the subject, I was successful--in not getting banned--for two years. What I brought to the table was, and is, what I call "referent analysis," a method of critical thinking, which I use to determine the truth-value of anything. I was introduced to this in the book, The Tyranny of Words, by Stuart Chase. I've dedicated some number of years reading Friedrich Nietzsche's works, though in English, my favorite being The Use and Abuse of History, translated by Adrian Collins. My most read book, repeatedly, is Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind, which made me invest serious time in reading Nieztsche.

Perhaps, I should leave it at that, for now.